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(QB) Sample Box $56


Sample Box Description

Uncover the names of each variety in our Sample Box with a simple click. Dive into a convenient and innovative sample box experience!

New Customer Special!

Sample Box Bellevuerose

Inside, you'll find a delightful assortment of seasonal roses, sprays, flowers, and greens, perfect for adding that extra touch to your customer's arrangements. And here's the best part: You can get your hands on this incredible offer for just $56, covering the delivery and shipping fees.


If I have more questions to which email can I contact?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at: samples@bellevueroses.com

What is the final price of the sample box?

Our pricing for the QB (Quarter Box) is set at $56, while the HB (Half Box) is priced at $98. These prices include everything you need to enjoy our top-quality products!

Can you detail the Quarter box composition?

Sure! There you go:




Product Type St Size St Bunch Color


Standard Roses 50 cm 12 St Yellow


Standard Roses 50 cm 12 St Red
Free Spirit Standard Roses 50 cm 12 St Orange
Playa Blanca Standard Roses 50 cm 12 St Cream
Ginger Spray Roses  40-60 cm 10 St Hot Pink
Majolika Spray Roses   10 St Light Pink
Delphinium Flowers   10 St Sky Blue
Lisianthus Flowers   10 St Pink
Baby Breath Flowers   6 St White
Ruscus Greens   10 St Green




How can I pay for the box?

Payment options? We've got you covered! First, you can hit that 'Add to Cart' button on the awesome image block at the top of this page. It's quick and easy! 

If you prefer a more personal touch, email us at sales@bellevueroses.com and our amazing team will send you a custom payment link. 

Does pricing include FedEx fees?

You got it! The price is a cool $56, and guess what? It already includes those sneaky FedEx fees and commissions.


I'm a current customer, can I have a sample box of these varieties? 

Please get in touch with us at: sales@bellevueroses.com