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About Bellevue Roses

Elevate your floral creations with Bellevue – your trusted source for premium Ecuadorian flowers since 2006, featuring an impressive array of over 200 flower varieties and partnering with over 400 farms.

In search of top-notch flower farms and suppliers? Look no further! Our website is tailor-made for floral professionals, offering seamless customization options and user-friendly navigation. With every order, expect nothing but the freshest, hand-picked blooms shipped directly from our Ecuadorian farms via FedEx.

Ready to cultivate success together? As a B2B enterprise exclusively serving the floral trade, we're excited to partner with you. Simply provide your resale number or tax ID to unlock access to our website. Check our FAQs for more details. Let's blossom into a flourishing partnership!



Get ready to dazzle your clients with flowers fresher than a morning dew! At our Ecuadorian farm, we're not just meeting environmental and quality standards – we're setting them. When you choose Bellevue , you're choosing nothing but the best: flowers that are not only fresher but also more captivating than anything you'll find elsewhere. Get ready to elevate your floral designs to new heights!


As your premier B2B flower wholesaler, we entrust FedEx to whisk our blooms straight from our esteemed Ecuadorian farms to your doorstep. With us, it's not just about flowers – it's about freshness. Your premium, freshly-cut blooms will arrive within a mere five days, untouched until the moment they're shipped to guarantee peak freshness. Dive into our shipping and claim policies for peace of mind. Let's make floral magic happen, together!


Streamline your ordering process with Bellevue. Select from small, medium, and long boxes customized to your specifications. Enjoy the flexibility to pick and choose boxes with multiple colors and varieties, ideal for those seeking an All-in-One Solution. Our website is meticulously designed with floral designers in mind, offering intuitive navigation and seamless customization options. Explore our extensive collection of flowers, and take advantage of the opportunity to purchase all kinds of roses, filler flowers, line flowers, and greens all in one convenient box. For a step-by-step guide, view our instructional video on how to order.

Bellevue offers unparalleled service and quality!

Let's create an account with us! Access our sales team at at any time if you need any assistance or if you have any questions! 
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