Your mom deserves only the best for Mother’s Day! That’s why she deserves roses from Ecuador. Ecuadorian rose farms are the best source of roses in the world because they are cultivated at a high altitude in cooler temperatures, giving them larger blooms, bolder fragrances, and richer colors. But what color rose is the best for Mother’s Day? This article explores the most popular choices for the beautiful spring holiday.


What Is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a spring holiday that’s celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. It’s a day set aside to appreciate motherhood and all the beautiful women who make the world such a loving place, including grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers, and foster mothers.

The first Mother’s day took place back in the 19th century. The holiday represented an effort from women’s groups in the U.S. to establish holidays that highlighted peace rather than war. The most common way to celebrate Mother’s Day in these early days was for Mothers of fallen soldiers to meet together and grieve the loss of their sons who died in America


Mother’s Day Becomes an Official Holiday

The holiday became more formalized in the early 1880s when the Methodist Episcopal Church in Albion set aside the second Sunday in May to recognize all the extraordinary contributions mothers made to the church and the country. Shortly afterward, Anna Jarvis campaigned to establish Mother’s Day as a United States national holiday in remembrance of her recently deceased mother. The day was declared an official holiday by the state of West Virginia in 1910. The rest of the states followed shortly after. 


Mother’s Day Roses



Usually, mother’s day involves children sending cards or gifts to their mothers to show gratitude for everything their mothers have done for them. It’s an excellent opportunity for families to get together and spend some quality time and maybe go out to eat. Traditionally, the red carnation is the most popular flower to give to mothers on Mother’s Day, but recently, roses have started to take their place because of how much mothers love them. Another lesser-known tradition on Mother’s Day involves placing white carnations on the tombstone of deceased mothers. 


Different Rose Color Meaning

Each different color of rose expresses something unique when it comes to Mother’s Day. Here is a simple guide of what each rose color means so that you can be sure to give the perfect gift to your beloved on Mother’s Day, whether you decide to buy her a giant bouquet of roses in bulk or a single-stemmed bud. 


Red Roses for Mother’s Day

Red Roses for M-Day


Red roses are a sign of adoration and undying love. This is one reason they’re the most popular rose color, but it’s also why they make perfect Mother’s Day gifts. They’re an ideal choice for someone who wants to give a gift to the mother of his children.  

Almost any variety of red roses is a great choice, but here are a few recommendations that are especially suited to the occasion. 


Hearts Roses are ideal for Mother’s Day. Not only because of the beautiful red color but also because of the shape. The full-bodied blooms with ruffled petals are reminiscent of carnations which were traditionally the most popular Mother’s Day flower. 


Fortune Roses are another excellent choice for a red rose on Mother’s Day. Their elegant shape conveys a natural balance between beauty and maturity that every mother represents to her precious child. 


White Roses for Mother’s Day

White Roses for M-Day

White roses have a very special meaning on Mother’s Day. Specifically, white roses are a symbol of honor to honor your deceased mother or another significant female figure in your life. By mixing white roses with other colors, you can add a sense of respect and admiration without implying anything related to death.  

Here’s our pick for the best white roses for Mother’s Day.


Playa Blanca Roses are the epitome of beauty. Their sublime white color and graceful petals are ideal for showing respect for a motherly figure who recently passed. 


Quicksand Roses are beautiful white roses with just a hint of cream to lighten their character. By adding a tincture of peach to the center of the bloom, these gorgeous stems serve as the perfect mother’s day gift for any dignified lady.


Yellow Roses for Mother’s Day

Yellow Roses for M-Day

Yellow roses are one of the more playful rose colors. They are often used to express kindness, cheerfulness, and affection. Because they evoke a more light-hearted mood, they make an excellent Mother’s Day gift for stepmothers or mothers-in-law.

Whereas some yellow roses might feel a bit bold as a gift for Mother’s day due to their overly playful hue, these Idole Roses most certainly won’t. Bedecked with a grand bloom that sings of respect and admiration, this bright yellow rose is sure to lighten even the sourest mother’s mood.


Pink Roses for Mother’s Day

Pink Roses for M-Day

Pink roses are great for expressing thankfulness and appreciation. Their lighter hue strikes a nice balance between affection and gratitude. Because they are often associated with youthfulness, pink roses are the perfect choice for a younger aunt or teacher who plays a maternal role in your life.  

 One of our most popular varieties of pink roses for Mother’s Day is the Lorainne Rose. This gentle flower has a beautiful cupped bloom and a soft pink gradient that will remind a mother of her precious child when he or she was just an innocent babe.

No matter what color rose you choose for the holiday, your mother is sure to appreciate farm fresh roses from Ecuador.