The Four Types of Roses Every Wedding Planner Loves

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Ecuadorian Roses are one of the most popular wedding flowers for a good reason. They are bold, beautiful, and fragrant. But more important than their physical characteristics is what they represent. As an international symbol of love, roses have been used in poems, stories, and myths for centuries to communicate affection. It’s this rich history that makes them so popular among blushing brides. It’s also the reason why wedding planners and florists consistently choose wholesale roses as the cornerstone of their wedding decor.


The Best Wedding Roses for Bridal Bouquets and Floral Design

Best Wedding Roses

When it comes to wedding decor and bridal bouquets, three types of roses are perpetually popular from our collection. These wedding roses are: Garden Roses, Standard Roses, Spray Roses and Metallic Roses

Deciding which type of rose is right for you on your special day depends largely on personal taste, so let’s take a closer look at each type and see what makes each rose type unique.

Garden Roses White O'Hara

Bellevue's White O'Hara

Of all the rose species, garden roses are the most diverse. This can make it difficult to distinguish a garden rose from the other types. However, the most recognizable characteristics common to all garden roses include a dense petal count and a strong fragrance. The dense petal count, in particular, is what makes garden roses like Tea Roses so perfect for weddings. The extra petals make for a fuller, more romantic bloom that works perfectly as the bridal bouquet's centerpiece. These additional petals also contribute to the relatively strong odor of garden roses that every rose enthusiast will appreciate. Excellent for traditional style weddings, these big beautiful blooms are the perfect match for more formal wedding ceremonies. Some of the best garden roses for weddings include White Ohara roses (a lush, velvety white shade), and Pink Ohara roses (a beautiful pink hue).

Standard Roses

Enchanted Romantic Centerpiece

Standard roses are the roses most people think of when asked to imagine what a rose looks like. They are recognized by their long stems and picturesque rose shape. It’s the type of rose you’d imagine a man in a tuxedo presenting to his beloved in a romantic movie or a reality show like The Bachelor. The tightly cupped bloom is dressed with overlapping petals that cascade from the center. This lollipop shape works best in a more formal setting and often serves as the focal point in bridal bouquets. Some of the best standard roses for weddings are: Freedom roses (a deep scarlet red rose), Titanic roses (a delicately cupped pink petalled rose), and Lynn roses (generally recognized as one of the most elegant wedding roses). 

Wedding Lynn Roses

Spray Roses

Spray roses get their name from the way that they spray from the branch. Rather than a single flower, spray roses have clusters of blooms on each stem. This produces a more spontaneous, breezy feel ideal for outdoor weddings with a more natural aesthetic. Like sweetheart roses, the blooms are smaller than most modern garden roses, but you can often find them cheaper than their sweetheart counterparts when buying these roses in bulk. One of the most popular spray roses is the Ginger Spray variety. 

Spray Roses at Marriage Decorations

Other Wedding Classics:

While it's nice to know the most popular roses for weddings, some people prefer to take a more personalized approach. Here are some other rose varieties that you might find appealing:

Playa Blanca Rose

There's nothing more sublime than a great white rose. These beautiful Playa Blanca roses are the epitome of innocence, with their soft, flowing petals and graceful blooms ideal for any wedding

Playa Blanca for Wedding Bride

Ocean Song Rose

The Ocean Song rose is a wedding favorite. With its bright, bold blossoms and charming lavender hue, this unique rose variety is always in season. 

Ocean Song Weddings 2021

Pink Mondial

The Pink Mondial rose is as soft as a rose can get. The graceful pink gradient that sweeps across each delicate petal is enough to make even the most cynical bachelor melt.

Pink Mondial Centerpiece


How to Choose the Best Wedding Roses

With so many rose options to choose from, it can be challenging to decide what's best for your special day. 

Wedding Roses By Bellevue

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your wedding decor's style and the budget you have for bulk roses. Regardless of which variety you choose, roses are always a perfect choice for weddings. 

Enchanted Romantic Bellevue Roses Wedding 2021


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